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About Me

In 2017, I was diagnosed with a handful of painful, incurable illnesses/injuries. (Endometriosis, Gastroparesis, 3 Bulging Discs, and Carpal Tunnel in both wrists to name a few.) I had constant pain in my back, neck, wrists, and abdomen. I was nauseous all the time, underweight from not being able to eat, and nothing the doctors gave me seemed to help. That's when I decided to try yoga. I fell in love with yoga after my first practice. After a few weeks of doing my yoga practice, I started to realize that I was feeling better! I was no longer having daily pain, I wasn't nauseous anymore, and I was even able to stop taking all the medications the doctors were giving me! That's when I decided to share this healing tool with the world by teaching yoga! I signed up for my 200 hour yoga teacher training at Siva Yoga Studio in Wichita, Kansas, and graduated in May 2018. After becoming a yoga instructor, I continued my healing journey and in December 2018 I became a Reiki Healer. I love being able to share the healing powers of Yoga, Reiki, and Meditation with my students!

This photo was taken in May 2018, upon completion of my 200 hour teacher training at Siva Yoga Studio!

Located at a home studio in Manhattan, Kansas

Phone: 785-260-0794

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